Make ends meet without losing your cool!

Poverty Ain’t for Scaredy-Cats!

Pay your rent or your doctor’s bill? Live in your car or pawn it?

Test your decision-making skills when the stakes are high and your assets are dwindling. 

Can you beat the spiral and reach stability before time runs out?


Can you hack it as a single mom or last one night in a homeless shelter?

Broke the Board Game

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Broke: How I Made Poverty a Game

To understand the genesis of Broke the Game, dive into the world of Dana Gold, the creator

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Broke, the game, induces the stress and pressure experienced in the extraordinarily difficult process of attempting to overcome poverty in the United States. With a simple set-up and about 45 minutes of game play, Broke, which is sold at cost, gets players thinking and pushing the boundaries of their preconceived ideas about poverty in the US.

Broke is a highly engaging, empathy-creating game that is easily adaptable to multiple learning environments – from boardrooms to classrooms. Broke pits players against poverty with a deck that is literally stacked against them! 

Broke gives players the opportunity to navigate life as either a farmer, single parent, senior citizen, or someone without citizenship documents or living in a homeless shelter. Players develop empathy by experiencing the stress and frustration of making high stakes decisions with competing priorities and not enough income. 

Broke plunges players into situations not accessible inside the classroom. BROKE is easily incorporated into an academic class period with everything you need for high-impact outcomes. BROKE comes with directions, an app and even discussion questions to help your students process their experience.   

All of the situations in Broke are pulled from soup kitchens, homeless shelters, halfway houses and the real-lived experiences of people struggling with structured inequity in the United States. Help your students understand what it feels like to be challenged with the overwhelming stress of making no-win decisions when you’re BROKE!

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