Meet The Team 

Meet The Team from

Dana Gold


Jesse Schell

CEO, Schell Games - Distinguished Professor of Entertainment Technology, CMU

Mollie Braley

Co-Producer, Game Designer

Yu-Kai Chiu


Dasol Park


Drew Davidson

Director of Entertainment Technology Center, CMU

Dave Culyba

Assistant Teaching Professor at the Entertainment Technology Center, CMU

Siyu Chen

Artist, UI & UX Designer

Matthew Bofenkamp

Game Designer, Programmer

Carrie Yang

User Experience Designer

Jessica Hammer

Thomas and Lydia Moran Assistant Professor of Learning Science Human Computer Interaction Institute / Entertainment Technology Center, CMU

Nisha Kunhikrishnan

Co-Producer, Programmer

Yifei Zhao

Lead Programmer

Tianyi Alan Zhang


Dave Offord

Web Designer

With the support of the

Bigglesworth Family Foundation

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